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Using a combination of Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching I believe anyone can benefit, provided they want to make changes and are open to these techniques. I offer a free 15 minute telephone conversation which will assist you in deciding if this is something for you. I am constantly amazed by the results that these therapies produce and the best of it is that the power already lies within you, all I do is tap into the sub concious to 'shift' your concious thoughts!

1. I can help you quit smoking

Even if you smoke one hundred a day or have smoked for 60 years, hypnotherapy is one of the most successful ways to stop smoking safely and easily with no cravings. Some hypnotherapy methods have been proven scientifically to be 95% successful.

2. I can help you change your eating habits

If you want to reduce your weight without dieting and feelings of deprival, this is a great way of changing your eating habits. Hypnotherapy does this by removing unwanted blocks to your success, addressing emotional eating, your negative thoughts and feelings about your body and desire for unhealthy snacks. Increasing the desire for eating nourishing foods, water and exercise, this can be a lasting and beneficial way to stay slim and healthy.

3. I can help you stop drinking

If you are struggling to stop drinking alcohol with willpower, hypnotherapy is such a successful way to stop drinking. Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of removing habits, unwanted behaviours and addictions that no longer serve us quickly, safely and naturally.

4. I can help ease stress/anxiety

Stress reduction with hypnosis is one of the easiest ways to achieve deep relaxation. It is a very effective way to enhance your health and well-being, leaving you feeling calmer, more positive and very refreshed.

5. I can help you achieve success

Reprogramme your mind to achieve success in your life whether in your finances, love life, creativity, motivation, improve your confidence and self-esteem or to see and experience your best possible future. Anything is possible.

6. I can help you overcome fears and phobias

Fears and phobias can hold us back and restrict our lives. Our unconscious minds’ primary function is to protect us from emotional pain and physical harm which is why these problems arise. By taking you back to find the event, cause or experience that has caused this issue we can then resolve, release, and rewrite the past.

7. I can help ease symptoms of IBS

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of reducing the negative effects of IBS so much so that it's now recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

8. I can help with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression can be caused or exacerbated by harsh critical words we say to ourselves. We have over 50,000 thoughts a day and most of these can be negative. Hypnotherapy is a potent way of reframing the negative thought patterns that keep us stuck where we don’t want to be and move us towards positive, empowering and life-affirming thoughts and behaviours.

9. I can support fertility treatment

Hypnotherapy has been a proven success in fertility, doubling the chances of success when used with IVF. For those ladies struggling with conceiving, this is a positive and effective way of removing any unconscious blocks.

10. I can help with performance/exam nerves

Hypnotherapy can assist with removing performance blocks, stage fright, exam and interview nerves etc.

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